RUM Cram School


You said you would never get your RUM Scholar’s Degree. You despaired of ever getting your transcript updated with 20 years’ worth of missing classes. You said no one ever teaches Intro to Period Music or Medieval Literature.

But we said RUM degrees for everyone!*

We’re cramming 24 RUM courses—16 required courses and 8 electives—into three simultaneous tracks and running them for just one day!**

You can finally pick up those last few classes you need to graduate!

And, as an added bonus, Vulpine Reach RUM Provost, Lord James Toxophilus, will be on site all day to help students get their transcripts reconciled.

When you complete the classes you need to get your Scholar’s Degree, fill out a provided graduation request form and ring the bell in the hall to announce to all your intention to graduate! Graduation request forms will be forwarded to RUM for review immediately following the event so you can (barring any errors) graduate at RUM in July.

* We are totally not a diploma mill. All of our classes are legit. Really.
** This event is independently hosted by the Shire of Vulpine Reach and is not directly affiliated with or administered by the Royal University of Meridies. Please direct all questions to the event stewards, not the RUM staff.


pricingCash and checks scholar-pic-1will be accepted at the door (although the parking pass likely requires cash). Reservations are not being taken, but fear not: we will feed everyone who buys a lunch by 10:00 AM.



scholar-pic-2We’re not just going back to school, we’re going old school. Relive one of the highlights of your bygone school days with cafeteria pizza! (Actually, we’re going to do you one better than that and serve Little Caesar’s pizza.)


  • Cheese or pepperoni pizza, 2 slices
  • Side salad
  • Fruit
  • Dessert item
  • Water or Kool-Aid


scholar-pic-3This schedule represents all of the classes that we will be teaching, as well as the overall event schedule. The actual timing and tract layout of the classes is extremely tentative at this time. We do not anticipate finalization until about 1 month before the event. If you are interested in teaching any of these classes, please contact our Event Steward/Class Coordinator, Lord James Toxophilus. We are also looking to have some substitute teachers on stand-by in case any of our scheduled teachers can’t make it.

Cut-off for ordering lunch will be at 10:00AM sharp. All classes are 50 minutes in length. A site herald will ring the close of classes 10 minutes ‘til every hour so that everyone will have time to finish up, take a bathroom break, and get to their next class.


What!? Noooo! Yes! If you want to get the most out of the event, you’ll do a little homework beforehand.

  1. First, if you don’t know what classes you have on your RUM transcript, look it up: RUM Transcript in Stentorian (If you have changed persona names since you got into the SCA, be sure to look for transcripts under all other names.)
  2. Our RUM Provost/Class Coordinator will not have internet and print capabilities at the site (and cell coverage may be spotty), so please print a copy of your transcript(s) and bring it with you.
  3. If you are missing classes from your transcript, consult the RUM course catalog to find a course number for your missing classes: RUM Course Look-up in Stentorian
  4. Fill out our handy-dandy transcript reconciliation form with the missing course information: Rum Transcript Reconciliation
  5. To figure out what classes you still need to take, fill out a Scholar Degree Checklist form with the classes that are on your transcript or that you know you have taken: Scholar Degree Checklist
  6. Come to the event and take whichever classes you are still lacking. Don’t forget to give a copy of your Transcript Reconciliation Form (along with your current transcript(s)) to the Vulpine Reach RUM Provost for updating.
  7. If you complete your degree requirements, fill out a Graduation Request form (provided at the event) and attach your completed Scholar Transcript to it. Turn it into the Provost/Class Coordinator. If you haven’t heard from anyone from RUM within a month regarding your graduation eligibility, contact the Royal University Registrar.

If this all seems horribly confusing, contact your local group’s RUM provost or A&S officer for help. We will also have all the forms, course catalogs, etc. at the event, along with academic advisors to walk you through the process.


scholar-pic-4This is a day-trip only event. For those of you who want to come from far away, there are a few nearby lodging options.


You can camp a short distance from the event site in the main park. You can even share a campsite with your household or friends (maximum 6 people, 2 vehicles per site). The park’s website advertises that tent-only campers who reserve a space will receive a discount off the standard $30/night charge.

If you want more amenities, there are also 2 bedroom cottages for rent for $160/night.

To reserve a camp site or cottage, see Cloudland Canyon’s website: Cloudland Canyon State Park


There is a Days Inn in Trenton, just 7 miles from site. To book: Days Inn in Trenton

There are several additional hotels at the Tiftonia/Lookout Mtn exit approximately 19 miles from site.  Those individuals coming from the south may find lodging and food in the Lafayette area about 30 minutes south of the site.  Lafayette also has a Wal-Mart.


For those of you who want to make dinner plans following the event, the greater Trenton area has a selection of dining options.

Royal 19.A.ix, f. 4. detailFast Food

  • MacDonald’s
  • Hardee’s
  • Subway
  • Little Caesar’s
  • Wendy’s
  • Krystal
  • Taco Bell
  • Pizza Hut


  • Asian Garden
  • Lalitos’ Mexican Restaurant
  • Huddle House
  • Larry’s Restaurant
  • Thatcher’s BBQ and Grill
  • Rafael’s Italian Restaurant
  • Artzy Café
  • Randy’s Restaurant
  • Guthrie’s Restaurant
  • Los Tres Amigos

For reviews and directions to any of these eating establishments, go to: Trip Advisor’s Restaurants

If you are more interested in do-it-yourself meals, there are several grocery stores in the area, as well as stores for basic supplies, such as Dollar General and Fred’s.


  • Food City
  • Ingles
  • Trenton Food Outlet

There is no Wal-Mart in Trenton, but there is one in Kimball (if you are coming from Nashville) and one at Tiftonia/Lookout Mtn. (if you are coming through Chattanooga from points north or south). If you are coming from Alabama up I-59, Ft. Payne is your closest option.


scholar-pic-6Alcohol, Tobacco, and Furry Friends

All three are prohibited at this site.


This site is handicap accessible. We will be having some classes in tents around the main hall, but the site is pretty level and the ground is decent, so there should be no trouble for people in powered or non-powered wheelchairs to get to the classes. (If there is, let our staff know and we will find a way to accommodate you.)

Service dogs are welcome.

Children’s Activities

We are planning on having an activity table available for children. If you are interested in helping with crafts or playing games, please let our Event Steward, Lady Edain, know.

Martial Activities

There are none at this event. Please do not have a practice or pick-ups at the event and distract the classes. If you are dying to poke something, contact our Rapier Marshal about coming to our Sunday rapier practice in Chattanooga. (Our fighter practices are normally during the week, but if there is enough interest from out-of-town guests, we will consider a Sunday practice as well. Contact our Knight Marshal.)


We will not be offering merchant spots at this event due to the fast pace of the schedule.


Due to the fast pace of the schedule and limited facilities, meeting times for various guilds and orders will not be offered.


Event Stewardsscholar-pic-7

Class Coordinator / Vulpine Reach Provost: Lord James Toxophilus
Everything Else CoordinatorLady Edain ingen Raghailligh ben MacDonald
Surly Lunch Lady: Sir Stuart MacDonald


Cloudland Canyon State Park
122 Cloudland Canyon Park Road
Rising Fawn, GA 30738

Take your best route to I-59. From either direction, take Exit 11 in Trenton, GA and head east on White Oak Gap Road/GA-136. Go two blocks; the road will dead end on S Main Street/US 11. Turn right. Go two blocks and turn left onto Lafayette Street/GA-136. Go approximately 6 miles, up the mountain, and turn left into the park. Past the guard house, keep left and then turn at the first left. The next road to the left will go to Group Shelter 1.

SCA Signs will be posted at intersections close to the site! A map to the event is located in the link to the event on the Shire Calendar or can be found here: RUM Cram School