Glad Tydings

Glad Tydings

January 9 – 11, 2015

Booker T. Washington State Park
Chattanooga, TN

The Shire of Vulpine Reach proudly presents Glad Tydings

Glad Tydings was fun but sadly it is in the past.  Please visit us again next year for our traditional holiday party.

Important People:

Autocrat:   Email:



Shire Championships will be held.
A message from the Rapier Marshal:  Rapier will be a round robin single sword double elimination tourney. The top two will face off in a Swiss five tourney.  The Marshal reserves the right to modify the tourney to better fit the turn out.
A message from the Knight Marshal:  Greetings to all! Our Shire Champion Tourney will be held at Glad Tydings, pending weather and level of interest.  The tourney will be open to members residing in the precincts of the Shire ONLY.  However, we will have a New Year’s Champion Tourney, which will be open to our out-of-town guests ONLY.  Here’s the catch: They’re the SAME tourney!  All fighters will have a turn at defending the field against all other fighters.  These bouts will take place one after another, making it a test of endurance as well as skill.  It also means you will face each fighter twice.  The Shire member with the most wins will be proclaimed the Shire Champion and the visiting fighter with the most wins will be New Year’s Champion and receive a small prize.

For questions concerning the Shire Championship competitions, please email the Marshals below:
Email the Knight Marshal
Email the Rapier Marshal

Site Rules and Regulations:

Booker T. Washington State Park is discretely wet.  Please follow all rules for the site.  If you are not sure then please feel free to ask the autocrat.


Booker T. Washington State Park
Group Lodge

5801 Champion Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37416

Take your best route to I-75 in Tennessee.
Exit at Highway 153 (Exit 4 southbound, Exit 3 northbound).
4.6 Miles – Exit 5A to Highway 58, turn right.
2.5 Miles – Turn left onto Champion Rd.
1 Mile to Booker T. Washington on the left.
SCA Signs will be posted at intersections close to the site!

The Group Lodge is at the back of the group camping area. Turn left just inside the park (follow signs to camp/lodge) and pass the Group Camp, the road dead-ends into the lodge.

A map to the event is located in the link to the event on the Shire Calendar or can be found here: Glad Tydings Event