The Honorable Lord Guntram von Köln
Lord Uriah ben Yaakov
Deputy, Lady Signy Finnvarðardóttir

As Seneschal for the Shire of Vulpine Reach, I direct the activities of the shire, guiding the officers as they perform their duties, and representing the shire to the kingdom and the public at large.

I invite you to visit the pages for each of our officers and explore our website so you can learn all about the greatest shire in Meridies!

In service I remain,
Herr Guntram von Köln

Event Preparation Resources

Any individual interested in submitting a bid for a Vulpine Reach event is required to submit an event bid form. Prospective autocrats and feastcrats have separate forms; if a prospective autocrat already has a feastcrat selected, please submit both forms at the same time. The event proposal does not have to be pre-approved by the Event Planning Team but please check with them to verify if your proposed event has been scheduled and submitted to the kingdom.

Event Bid Form – Event Steward (Online)
Event Bid Form – Feast Steward (Online)
Budget Planning Worksheet – Online
Event Staffing Worksheet – Online

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