Our kitchener for Spring Crown List is The Honorable Lady Aislinge MacCuithein, deputy THL Genevieve de Valois.

Please contact the feastcrat with any dietary or allergy concerns no later than April 15.

Many have travelled far and wide for a chance to fight for the crown. Our feast represents offerings from those that have travelled along the Rhine.

Spinach Salad with Strawberries
French Baguettes
Käsesuppe (A Cheese Soup for dipping)

Second Remove – French
Beef Wrapped in Bacon
Stuffed Mushrooms
Chicken Blancmange with Rice
Buttered Carrots with Raisins
Pipefarces (Cheese fritters)

Third Remove – German
A Good Roast (beef) with a pickled radish & cucumber garnish
Maultaschen (Dumplings filled with Spinach/cheese)
Zervelet (Pork Sausages)
A Salad of Oranges & Lemons

Fourth Remove – Dutch
Roast Chicken with a Red Currant Sauce
Selection of Dried fruits
Lamb Pasties
Royal Peas

Dessert – German
Fresh Berry Tarten