Welcome to the Shire of Vulpine Reach


We are currently getting ready for Tourney of the Foxes.  Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the heraldic competition this year.  However, there are still plenty of activities happening.  For more information and recent updates concerning our event please visit our event page Tourney of the Foxes.  Forgot the date?  Not a problem.  Just look on the calendar.  If you are looking for the Pre-Registration form to fill out, it is conveniently located in a link to the left along with a downloadable link to the same flyer seen below.  Please download and print either the PDF version or the Word version of the pre-registration form, fill it out, and include it with your payment.  Then send it to us before August 15th via your favorite Fox-Express Mail Carrier.  We will be happy to process your pre-registration form and reserve your place at feast and on site.  This will also make trolling in faster.  Please note that if you plan to stay on site in a period pavilion, you must pre-register.  If you miss the August 15th deadline, you are still welcome to come but you will not be allowed to camp and you may miss some of the wonderful feast being created by Lady Francesca Tessa d’Angelo.   If you are new and this will be your first event, please visit our “Newcomers” information to find helpful hints that will be beneficial to you.

Shire of Vulpine Reach

Chattanooga’s Medieval and Renaissance History Society
The Chattanooga Chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism

Discover yourself through the looking glass of history!

The Shire of Vulpine Reach is the southeast Tennessee chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism located in the Kingdom of Meridies.  We are Chattanooga’s medieval and Renaissance history organization.  We represent the metropolitan Chattanooga area including Cleveland, Ooltewah, Hixson, Fort Oglethorpe, Dalton, and the surrounding region.  Use the menu above to get more information about our group.

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The SCA is dedicated to researching pre-17th-century medieval and Renaissance history through re-creation; our goal is to put into practice the skills of those remarkable times.  Where your typical Renaissance Faire encourages you to watch medieval activities being performed, we invite you to learn and create them yourself.

Throughout the world, members gather at events and meetings to share resources and enthusiasm.  Almost every aspect of these ancient times is studied and enacted in Arts and Sciences competitions and martial tournaments.  Whether you would become a warrior, scholar or artisan, seeking new friends or seeking activities for the whole family, there is a place for you in the Shire of Vulpine Reach.  Come discover yourself through the looking glass of history!

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